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These are our rules. Follow them, or you will be punished. Remember, everything we do is to help the server. Staff have the final say. If you disagree with a punishment, feel free to make an appeal (see Section 8, https://3d4h.world/appeal)

Remember, these rules can be changed at any point. We don't want to have to make an announcement every time a single thing is changed. So, it is your responsibility to come here every so often and look over the rules. Above all, use your common sense. Don't try to find loopholes or stretch the rules.

Section 1
Minecraft Rules
  1. no hacking (see also: section 7, punishments)
  2. no insiding, joining faction to steal all their items(factions)
  3. no xray (mod or resource pack)
  4. no alt accounts at all (we have plugins) (you will be banned)
  5. do not harrass a staff member for a decision or punishment, instead appeal the punishment using the appeals form (see also: section 8, appeals)
  6. wars/raiding can be conducted on any day of the week
  7. must comply to Raiding Rules (see also: section 3, War and Raiding)
  8. no advertising other discord/minecraft servers
  9. no spam
  10. no unsafe (NSFW) pics anywhere
  11. you may paste twitch or youtube links IF you are streaming or have a video that pertains to the server (you playing on the server)
  12. you may not kill an afk player/afk fisher (afk fishers don't appear as afk in tab)
  13. you can only use the approved Minecraft Clients and mods (see also: Sections 5 and 6 allowed clients and mods)
  14. no lag machines with the intention of ruining player experience or crashing the server (permanent ip ban)
  15.  exploitation of the shop is not allowed (buying iron, crafting anvils, and selling for profit), if you find one of these exploits message Staff
  16. if you exploit the shop your balance will be reset, depending on the magnitude you may be banned
  17. no breaking the economy AT ALL
  18. dupes of any type will result in a permanent ban (appealable) (entity and item dupes)
  19. you may name yourself after a political party or group, however if it is deemed crossing the line, or there are enough reports against your faction name, you will be given a chance to rename or be disbanded
  20. if a staff member tells you to rename your faction, rename your faction or you will be disbanded, you may appeal their decision at our appeal form (see also: section 8, appeals) 
  21. faction claims that show on dynmap must be "real"; this means you can't surround a section of land with your claims, wait for dynmap to fill it in, and pretend like it is your land (in other words, ever claim that shows up on the dynmap must be a claim in the actual server). If we find factions that aren't abiding by this, their faction power will be greatly reduced, making them raidable, and admins will unclaim any "fake land." If it takes too much time or effort for an admin to do this, the faction will be given 24 hours to unclaim their "fake land" borders. If by the end, they haven't done this, admins will have to use their discretion and possibly disband the violating faction.
  22. don't piss off Staff
  23. no destroying/griefing projects, builds, that are only visual and don't serve as home bases (read Section 3 and 4)
  24. you may not impersonate staff
  25. DDOS attempts, threats, and other malicious action against the server (breaking economy, duping, intentional lag machines) will result in a ban
  26. Similarly, any DDOS threats to players, IP leaks, blackmail, and other malicious behavior will not be tolerated. 
Section 2
Discord Rules
  1. no advertising other discord/minecraft servers
  2. no spam
  3. no racist/homophobic comments
  4. no unsafe (NSFW) pics anywhere
  5. don't tag staff unless there is an emergency, instead make a ticket in the forums
  6. don't disrespect staff, if you have something to report concerning staff abuse, use forums or direct message an admin on discord
  7. you may not leave and rejoin the server to protect yourself from losing coins (Dankmemer Bot)
  8. you may not impersonate staff
Section 3
  1. you may use tnt cannons (sand cannons)
  2. wither/ghast raids are bannable
  3. glitches or hacks are not allowed (phasing or using other exploits)
  4. You may use traps or other machines you have made to defend yourself
  5. You may use walls 
  6. Vaults/bases may not be built underwater
  7. Cosmetic builds may not be griefed (See What is a cosmetic build below)
  8. At any point, you may not destroy or burn the items of the enemy (this will count as griefing)
  9. The punishment for breaking any of these rules is a temp ban anywhere from 2-5 days. Griefs will be rolled back by admins
  10. After a battle has ended, the leader of a faction may request a peaceful meeting
  11. If both sides agree to the meeting, the two factions will meet at a designated area 
  12. Fighting is discouraged but not bannable. This means you must be wary and tread lightly.
Section 4
Cosmetic Builds and Peaceful Factions
  1. Cosmetic builds can be made by both normal and peaceful factions
  2. Bases are raidable, cosmetic builds are not
  3. A cosmetic build has the following characteristics
    1. serves no purpose in war
    2. does not contain any chests, shulkers, or items that can be used to store items (droppers)
    3. doesn't store any items or valuables
    4. any build that blocks the vault counts as a wall of the base
  4. A base has the following characteristics
    1. any building or area that has chests that contain valuables
    2. is used to store valuables and items
    3. bases may have walls for protection, traps, and other builds to protect
    4. you may use tnt cannons on base walls
  5. Peaceful factions
    1. are factions that can't kill or raid anyone else
    2. they are not raidable, meaning explosions won't work on their land and their chests can't be opened
    3. Peaceful factions pay an upkeep cost of 15000 coins per day to remain peaceful 
Section 5
Allowed Mods
  1. Armor HUD mods
  2. Optifine/FPS boost mods
  3. 1.7 Animation mods (if you play on 1.8)
  4. Vanilla Enhancements
  5. CPS/show FPS/Armor HUD
  6. extra particles
  7. MINIMAP mod is banneable as some minimap mods show chest and entity locations
  8. afk autoclicking is allowed under 3 CPS, however if you are found using an autoclicker for anything else you will be punished
Section 6
  1. Lunar Client (1.7 and 1.8 approved)
  2. Badlion Client (all versions approved)
  3. PVP Lounge Client (1.8)
  4. Forge clients that use approved mods (see section 5, Allowed Mods)
  5. Other clients may be used if you get admin approval
Section 7
Depending on the degree of violation you will receive one of the following punishments for failing to comply to the above rules and/or trying to find loopholes to get past these rules.minor offense - minor griefing, general toxicity, breaking the economy, using an exploit (1 day - 2 weeks)
  1. large offense - hacking, breaking the economy on another level, using exploits, racist comments, item duping, sending inappropriate images etc., lag machines, x-raying (anywhere from 2 weeks or perm ban)
  2. Economy breaking - reset player balance (up to 1 week ban)
  3. other punishments - may be decided by the staff, staff decisions are final, however you can appeal @ https://3d4h.world/appeal
  4. AC punishments [EYE]
    1. Criticals - 7 days
    2. Fastbow - 7 days
    3. Fastuse - 7 days
    4. Fightspeed - 7 days
    5. Hitbox/reach - 20 days
    6. Killaura/Autoclickers - 30 days
    7. Regen - 7 days
    8. Derp - 1 day
    9. Movement (Speed, Fly, Spider, Jesus) - 20 days
    10. No fall - 1 day
    11. Phase - 20 days
    12. Timer - 10 days
    13. Invalid Packets - 1 day
    14. Fast place - 1 day
    15. Interact (Auto equip, chest hacks) - 7 days
Section 8
  1. you may appeal: bans, warnings, mutes, tempbans, ipbans, tempipbans
  2. if you were banned by the EYE, your ban message will show your ping and tps of the server at the time of ban
    1. if your ping was greater than 1000, you may have been false banned
    2. if server tps was lower than 10, you were most likely false banned 
  3. you may appeal using our form (look below)
  4. APPEAL FORM: https://3d4h.world/appeal
Section 9
Default Factions Permissions
  1. By default all factions have default permissions
  2. Faction leaders are the only ones that have access to the /f perm permissions menu to change permissions (faction leaders can give others access to /f perm as well through the menu)
  3. Ban, Kick, Invite, Promote, Claim, Setwarp, Sethome, Economy - ban or kick people from faction
    1. Yes - coleaders, moderator
    2. No - normal, recruit
    3. Locked - none
  4. Build, Button, Lever, Pressure Plate, Destroy, Door, Go Home, Go Warps
    1. Yes - coleader, moderator, normal, recruit
    2. No - ally, truce, enemy, neutral
    3. Locked - enemy
  5. Container 
    1. Yes - coleader, moderator, normal, recruit, enemy
    2. No - ally, truce, neutral
    3. Locked - enemy
  6. Disband
    1. only leaders have this permission by default
  7. Fly
    1. Yes - coleader, moderator, normal, recruit, ally, truce
    2. No - enemy, neutral
    3. Locked - enemy
  8. FrostWalk
    1. Yes - coleader, moderator, normal, recruit, ally, truce, neutral
    2. No - enemy
    3. Locked - enemy
  9. Items
    1. Everyone can use items
    2. Locked - enemy