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IMPORTANT Survival Server: Shops/Auctions/Economy (Details)
trashcanolives   trashcanolives 13 days ago

This post is to explain some of the features of the expected Survival release of 3d4h. I will try to clear up things regarding how the economy will work, shop system, auctions, bank and more.


We will have some form of economy, most likely using "coins". 

However, there will be some big changes. We don't want economy to be the main point or focus of the server.
Instead, we want to focus on community interaction, to hopefully make the player experience more enjoyable.

To hopefully achieve this, we have plans to implement an auction house, shop/market, and bank. These 
require some sort of economy.


  • Shops will be physical merchants (npcs/traders you click on)
  • Merchants and shops will be near spawn in the "Market".

As of right now, we have decided to have sell merchants to provide means to make profits.
We are holding votes to decided if we want players to be able to buy from merchants.


We are planning to implement a bank system, similiar to hypixel skyblock.

  • There will be a bank near spawn
  • You may withdraw and deposit
  • You may not withdraw or deposit from anywhere else on the map
  • You can earn interest, which will hopefully be an incentive to keep money in the bank


We will have an auctions system. Again, it will be similiar to hypixel skyblock.
Its proven to be a great system ;)

  • The auction will be accessible through the auction house at spawn
  • NEW: auctions will show up in the auction house, in a gallery (holographic floating items on display)

We are hosting polls in the discord everyday.

Be sure to invite your friends for the release!

We are hoping to release in 2-3 weeks time!

Leave a like on this post to show your hype ;)

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IMPORTANT Survival Server: Shops/Auctions/Economy (Details)
SorraV   SorraV 9 days ago